IBR UPdates: Community Engagement Opportunities – Summer Fairs and Festivals

IBR UPdates: Community Engagement Opportunities – Summer Fairs and Festivals

Summer is just around the corner, and that means fairs, farmers markets, summer concerts and other community events are beginning to fill up the calendar. At these events, the IBR team will be out talking with the community, sharing information and answering questions about the efforts to replace the aging Interstate Bridge.

The program’s first tabling event of the season took place June 1 when we attended the Latino Community Resource Group’s Multicultural Resource. More than 50 people stopped by our booth to learn more and to provide feedback.

If you’re out and about this summer, stop by our booth, say hello, and check out the latest updates.

Here are a couple of the places you can expect to see us this month:

Equity Roundtable — Pathways to active transportation: Strategies and solutions

The IBR program hosted its eighth equity roundtable discussion on May 21 exploring the topic of active transportation. Active transportation is any human-powered means of travel, such as walking, biking, running, skating, and using a wheelchair or stroller. The IBR program plans to include a shared use path as part of the structure that will replace the I-5 bridges across the Columbia River to improve the substandard and unsafe conditions for those who use active transportation to travel over the bridge currently.

During the equity roundtable, Program Administrator Greg Johnson was joined by IBR Principal Climate Officer Mara Krinke, IBR Active Transportation Design Lead Natalie Owen, The Street Trust Executive Director Sarah Iannarone, and Disability Rights Washington’s Director of Disability Mobility Initiative Anna Zivarts. The group participated in a conversation moderated by TriMet Community Affairs Manager Coral Egnew that touched on everything from how the design of active transportation has evolved over the years to strategies to build safe and inviting active transportation facilities that encourage use.

“We have an urban design team that is looking very closely at active transportation access to, in and around transit facilities, looking at where bus stops are located, how to get people from both sides of Hayden Island to the transit station, and really looking at ways to activate those spaces and connect them to existing facilities,” Natalie Owen said.

Sarah Iannarone commended the IBR team for its commitment to equity and for putting out “world-class” public and active transportation designs. She said that, once IBR’s investments are made, the region must continue to expand options for public and active transportation to ensure the widest number of people possible have easy access to these new facilities across the Columbia River.

“I do think the IBR team has done a really nice job developing the equity framework, and I want to give the team some real props on the robustness of that,” Iannarone said.

You can watch the full conversation here.

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