New ASCE Press Publication Offers Insight on Effective Water Management

New ASCE Press Publication Offers Insight on Effective Water Management
Reston, Va. – The latest title from the American Society of Civil Engineer’s, Managing Water in River and Reservoir Systems: Water Resources, Institutional Practices, and Constructed Infrastructure in Texas, provides an overview of effective river and reservoir system water management. River and reservoir systems play a vital role in our society, from recreational facilities and ecosystem protection to electrical energy production and land development. To ensure a reliable water supply and meet municipal, industrial, and agricultural needs, effective planning and water allocation of dams, reservoirs, and other constructed facilities is essential.
In this ASCE Press title, author Ralph Wurbs discusses the collaborative endeavors of international, federal, interstate, state, and local agencies, private sector enterprises, and the water management community, using the state of Texas as a case study.  He covers institutional framework for river and reservoir system water management, river system hydrology, managing for extreme hydrologic variability, computer databases and modeling systems, and ecosystem preservation.
While Wurbs does utilize Texas as an example throughout the book, the information provided will assist professional water resources planners and managers, civil engineers and environmental scientists. Elected and appointed officials at all levels of government, private sector industrial and agricultural water users, university students, and researchers on a national and even global scale will also benefit.
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